Patriots from the barrio

The Author

Author Dave Gutierrez with the family of Company E Veteran Guillermo "Willie" De Leon

Dave Gutierrez spent four and half years researching his cousin Ramon Gutierrez's WWII unit, the 36th Division 141st Regiment 2nd Battalion Company E.  Ramon was captured twice by the Germans, escaping both times.  He would became one of only a handful of Americans to decorated for valor on the battlefield by the Soviet Union during WWII 



Genealogy played a big role in writing the book.  It was Genealogy research that led the author to the story. The author also used Genealogy research to connect with over sixty different families of the men that served in the WWII unit.

Company E Family


Dave Gutierrez was able to connect with  the families of Company E soldiers who served in WWII and in some cases with the survivors.  Each family contributed documents, photos, and  personal stories.  Today the author and the families continue the bond forged by heroic men over seventy years ago.

Company E


An original Texas National Guard Unit out of El Paso Texas, Company E was federalized in November of 1940 and moved to Camp Bowie in Brownwood Texas.  The 141st Regiment is the oldest fighting unit in the state of Texas and trace their roots back to the Texas Revolution.

WWII Service

The men of Company E, training at Camp Bowie 1941 (photo courtesy of Ruth Romo)

The all Mexican American combat unit was one of the more unique units of WWII.  They deployed to North Africa in April of 1943. They spearheaded the Allied landing at Salerno Italy in September of 1943, fought at Mt. Rotondo, San Pietro, the Rapdio River, Cassino, Anzio, Velletri and Rome.

Documentary Film Project

Company E Monument at the Delta Center in El Paso Texas

Author Dave Gutierrez has pledged to continue to shine the light on these heroic men, using any platform available.  Gutierrez is currently searching to obtain funds to produce a documentary film based on the book.

In the news

"Joe Olvera is an ICON in Latino Journalism.  I was greatly honored that he would take the time to write a review of my book, Patriots From The Barrio" The review was published in the El Paso Times.

- Dave Gutierrez


Texas Military Forces Museum

The book Patriots from the Barrio was possible due to the great support of the Texas Military Forces Museum in Austin Texas



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